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Human Rights Day in South Africa

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March 21, 1960 is a date deeply inscribed on the memories and hearts of South Africans. The events of that day, which have come to be known as the Sharpeville Massacre, spoke of unforgettable horror: the South African police opening fire on black protesters demonstrating...

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Writing About Love

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What is on a writer’s mind as he writes about love between his characters? I’ve been asked this question numerous times by book clubs.You might ask the same question about any number of topics. What goes through your mind as you write about eating chocolate?...

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My Parents Had a Dream…

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My parents were both raised in South Africa, but they were never comfortable living under apartheid. They moved to Boston in 1962 with three children and a dream of living in a democratic society where equality and opportunity were a given.Then, six short years after...

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When Is it Perfect Enough?

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A first grade teacher was asked by a visitor to her classroom how she managed to inspire such wonderful drawings from her young students. The teacher responded: “I know when to take the crayons away.”On the other hand, the renowned painter, Pierre Bonnard—and perhaps others—was...

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