Man of La Book: Review of On the Sickle’s Edge


I liked almost everything about On the Sickle’s Edge by Neville D. Frankel. The novel is ambitious, flows well, and interesting to read. I’m always up for a good book, especially one with Jewish themes in Eastern Europe.

The author tells a powerful story and doesn’t shy away from geopolitical events and the impact they had on people. The narrative is very absorbing and powerful, I was especially fascinated to read how decisions in the upper echelons of government impact the little person on the street who just wants a good job and a warm meal.

I did not care for the ending though, it did not fit the narrative the author built. The story turned from a wonderful family saga, into an action/adventure story which I found to be a very strange choice.

The ending aside, I really did enjoy this novel. The saga the novel tells is fascinating and exciting, even though the novel is a bit long, it’s hard to put down.